gtl - Go Tiny Logs - A simple TUI for the tinylog format on gemini
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WIP - v0.7.0 - WIP:

New features:

  • Implements #44: Custom theme. See the documentation in [docs/]
  • Implements #47: Search. Shortcut / will open a modal asking for a search. It will basically filter entries that contains exactly your search (case insensitive). It isn’t fuzzy or advance searching (more filtering)
  • Implements #48: Add button to go to author tinylog on action modal (alt+enter)
  • Implements #40: Add tinylog url in the gemini mode output (used for generating gemini://

Bug Fixes

  • Fix 42: Hide new line separator in response stub
  • Fix subscription name with space in their name
  • Fix #45: Crash when empty line in subscription file
  • Fix #49: Allow link without space between => and the actual link.


Major release

Breaking changes:

  • Shortcut to create a new entry is now "N" (uppercase) and no longer ctrl+n.

New features:

  • Implements region in timeline TextView: This will allow to navigate between entries using J and K (uppercase)
  • #28: stubs for new entry: Clicking on "N" (uppercase) will copy in the clipboard a stub for a new entry with the current date if the option tui_copy_stub_clipboard is set (see README).
  • #28: stubs for response: When selecting entry with J/K, using "R" (uppercase) will copy a pre-formatted response in your clipboard if the option tui_copy_stub_clipboard is set (see README).
  • #33: Open links in entries, relates to #23. When using J/K to select an entry, using "O" will automatically open the link in the entry. If more than one link is in the entry, a popup will ask for one (or all) link(s) to open.
  • #37: Implement a gemini compatible output
  • #36: Show the tinylog entry being replied to: When selecting an entry with J/K, if the entry is a response to another tinylog entry and in the RFC format for a response, it will show the original entry in a popup when using "T" (uppercase)?
  • #35: parser v2: Improve parser to be compatible with proposition 15 of the RFC ( that allow multiple break line in posts. Also improve parsing in general.
  • Implement a modal for entry details via alt+enter
  • Implement tui_show_stub option to show the stub to copy instead (or additionally) of copying it to the clipboard. Can be useful if you run gtl without X and/or are using tools like tmux to copy texts. Idea is from @szczezuja.
  • Implement entry selection via mouse left click and simplify highlights code.

Smaller improvements:

  • [TUI] Add optional limit to number of displayed entries: Allow to limit the number of entries displayed in the timeline. See tui_max_entries option in README.
  • Use gemini:// as default subscripton when no subscription file is found.
  • Update dependencies
  • Remove dead code

Bug fixes

  • Improve gemtext formating for level 3 headers and lists.
  • Fix #29: Timeline refresh was previous refresh
  • Fix error for missing file: if a tinylog isn't available on a working capsule, status was wrong.
  • Fix limit bug in cli mode
  • Remove date format duplicate

Known Issues:

Please read the README that has been updated accordingly.


Critical Bug Fixing release

  • Fix case sensitivity in avatar/author metadata
  • Fix date parsing error


Minor release

  • Improve main panel title by adding filtered tinylog name
  • Remove modal message after editing tinylog if no post script is defined.
  • Remove message post script if successful and add config to refresh feeds after editing entry
  • Improve focus changes
  • Improve gemtext formatting for responses.
  • Harmonized terminology around tinylogs and improve panels title


Major release

  • Add ability to edit tinylog and launch a post edit script


Minor release

  • Add UTC offset for date format
  • Resolves #21: [TUI] Add a refresh message while feeds are refreshed
  • Resolves #16: [TUI] Add ability to filter out tinylogs


Minor release

Breaking change: emoji status is now an option and disabled by default. To enable it tui_status_emoji = true in gtl.toml

  • Add sidebar toggle command in help box
  • Improve title readability
  • Add option for emoji usage. Also fixed some gemtext formatting
  • fix gemtext formatting


Minor release

  • Reformat TUI Sub list, resolves #15
  • Resolves #17: [TUI] Don't quit gtl when displaying help with q
  • change dead link emoji
  • Add shortcut 's' to toggle sidebar display
  • Add formating for links, lists and quotes
  • Update sidebar color to match timeline color formatting
  • Add help message in All sub secondary text
  • Add new date format…


Minor release

Breaking changes:

  • TUI shortcuts have been changed to single letter, no needs to ctrl anymore. Look at the README or display the help in TUI mode with ?.

  • Fix #1: Create config dir at first launch and fix first launch

  • Default mode is now TUI

  • TUI - Implements #9: Show tinylogs with 0 compatible entries

  • TUI - Resolves #12: Add last refresh in timeline. Hide footer for now before it is used again

  • TUI - Resolves #13: Add color on border for focus panel

  • TUI - Add display/hide help box and remove header

  • TUI - shortcuts have changed, press ? for the help


Minor release

  • fix focus
  • Add TAB in usage
  • fix regression in filtering
  • fix code standards
  • Fix separator regression


Minor release


  • Refresh subscriptions status when refreshing feeds (#6)
  • Add last refresh time in footer
  • Add indicator between new and old entries


  • Makefile tcell dependency error
  • Background color when terminal emulator background isn't black


Minor release

  • Improve readme and add status emoji


Major release First version of the TUI.

  • TUI v1
  • add emoji in case of feed errors
  • Update README with cli limit configuration
  • add new date format
  • First try at TUI
  • Add mode option
  • Add colors and hightlights in timeline