gtl - Go Tiny Logs - A simple TUI for the tinylog format on gemini
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Use gtl CLI

Gtl CLI screenshot

	--config configFile	Indicate a specific config file.
	--mode {cli,tui}	Select the cli or tui mode.
	--limit X		When using cli mode, display only X item.
	--help			Display this help message.


gtl --mode cli --limit 10
gtl --limit 10 # cli mode is default, so this is the same as above.
gtl --mode cli --limit 10 --config path/to/config/file # with specific path for config file.

If you don't provide a config file path, gtl will look for it in {homepath}/.config/gtl/gtl.toml

You need a subscription file though with the list of tinylogs to follow. For easier migration, the format is the same as lace:

<urlOfTinyLog> nameOfTinyLog
<urlOfTinyLog2> nameOfTinyLog2

Warning: The nameOfTinyLog is optional. But if you don't indicate one and the tinylog doesn't have an author: @authorName metadata, gtl will not no what to display for the author and will indicate "unknown"

This file should be in your configuration file:

subscribed_data = "path/to/sub/file"