gtl - Go Tiny Logs - A simple TUI for the tinylog format on gemini
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Use gtl TUI

Gtl TUI screenshot

Gtl TUI screenshot (light theme example)

gtl --mode tui

or configure the gtl.toml to set mode = tui (see config below).

PS: TUI is the default mode since v0.4.8

TUI Shortcuts:

?: Display help
r: Refresh timeline (refresh all tinylogs)
t: Display timeline (remove all filters like highlights of specific tinylog)
h: Toggle Highligts only / all entries (keep tinylog filter).
s: Toggle hide/show subscription sidebar (left).
Tab: Switch between timeline and subscription list.
Arrow keys up/down or j/k: scroll timeline or feeds list
J/K: Navigate tinylog entries (to select entries) # Available only since v0.6.0
N: Open tinylog in $EDITOR and optionaly copy a new entry stub to clipboard. (See configuration below.) # since v0.6.0
R: Open tinylog in $EDITOR and optionaly copy a response stub to the specific entry. (See configuration below.) # since v0.6.0
O: Open link(s) in selected entry. # since v0.6.0
T: If the selected entry is a response to another tinylog entry, will open the original entry in a popup.
/: Search entries containing a specific text. Search will keep the active filters ((un)muted tinylog(s), highlights) to only search on already filtered entries. Search is very basic, it will filters exact text only (case insensitive).
q or Ctrl-C: Quit

You can navigate on the subscription list and:

  • left click or press enter: Will filter only entries from this tinylog and hide all entries from other tinylogs. A Status F or 🔎 is indicated.
  • right click or press alt+enter: Will open a menu to mute / unmute a tinylog. A tinylog muted means no entry from this tinylog are displayed. A Status M or 🔕 is displayed.

TUI Theming

Please read the theming documentation to customize colors in TUI mode.

TUI Emoji Status:

If tui_status_emoji is set to true in the configuration file (see below), emoji will be used for the status. Otherwise, simple ASCII characters will be used.

  • V or : All good :)
  • X or : Indicates that the feed format is wrong or that no entries has been found.
  • D or ☠️ : Indicates that the capsule/page is unreachable.
  • S or 🔓: Indicates an error with the SSL certificate.
  • F or 🔎: Indicates that the feed is selected. It means only entries from this tinylog are displayed.
  • M or 🔕: Indicates that the feed is muted. It means no entry of this tinylog will be displayed.