gtl - Go Tiny Logs - A simple TUI for the tinylog format on gemini
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bacardi55 dc3bb52d72 Fix #49 - Fix link format 2 months ago
cli.go Fix limit bug in cli mode 10 months ago
editor.go remove message post script if successful and add config to refresh feeds after editing entry 11 months ago
gemini.go Implements #40: [mode gemini] Add link to author tinylogs 3 months ago
tltui.go Implements #47: Search 3 months ago
tui.go Fix #49 - Fix link format 2 months ago
tuishortcuts.go Implements #48: Add button to go to author tinylog on action modal (alt+enter) 3 months ago
utils.go Resolves #37: Implement a gemini compatible output 10 months ago